Play Chess Against The Computer (5 levels)

Welcome to the ‘Battle Of Chess‘ Play chess against computer for free –

Start the game by clicking on ‘New Game

NOW, play any move you want & our computer engine Fritz will play against you. Good Luck beating him!


How to Play Chess against Computer (Fritz) –

There are 5 levels of our AI-based computer engine. Choose what’s best for you:

Levels – Beginner | Amateur | Club Player | Master | Grandmaster

Note: To access all the levels, please find & click on ‘Level’ above & choose accordingly.


Other Features

1. Take Back – It will undo your last move. You can use it to undo your blunder or make a better move

2. Hint – If you are stuck & need help in between the game, you can use ‘Hint’ to suggest the best move at any position

3. Offer Draw – You can offer a draw at any time.

4. Notation – With Notation, you can go back to any stage of your game & replay the game to see where exactly you did a mistake. OR, after going back to an early move, you can also change your move & continue your game from there!!

5. Live Book – With Live Book, you can see all the possible moves played by the other players globally with the result & the times a particular move has been played.

6. Flip – You can see the board from your opponent’s view using the flip option.

7. Download or Share – After your game has been completed, you can either download your game as PGN (.pgn) or use the share button to share it with your friends.



8. Analysis – One other amazing feature we have is ‘Analysis

Click on ‘Level‘ and choose analysis for opening the fritz analysis program. You can use it for training/preparation use for tournaments.


Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the game!

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